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Deploy EngelSystem on Your Server


Today, I decided to set up Engelsystem on a clean server as a task for Google Code-in. My first impression when looking at the PHP application was that it is a well-built MVC app. It seems to have everything an event manager could want. When I looked at the README, all the instructions were in German, but I decided to follow the gist of it anyways. I will be telling you how to setup the application step by step in English on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64.

16 Jan 2016 #linux #php #mysql #apache2 #engelsystem #lamp

Developing a Register and Login System with Codeigniter

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Codeigniter is a MVC PHP application framework designed to make developing a web application easier and faster. It has a large and active community base with a pretty good amount of documentation. For me, this was my first PHP framework I used. I have always thought using frameworks like Codeigniter or Laravel is bad, but I may have to change my mindset after actually using one. The time it took me from start to end in developing this application is shorter than the time it would take to develop a ‘vanilla’ PHP application even though this is my first time using Codeigniter.

19 Dec 2015 #Codeigniter #PHP #MVC #framework #MySQL #Apache