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Setup Hugo on Github Pages


At this point, you might be wondering how users can easily see your blog content without downloading the repository and doing all the steps you had to take to view your posts. This is done by publishing on Github Pages, a free service offered by Github that hosts static webpages. We can create a static website by publishing all our posts. I will be using lots of content from the Hugo site, so this tutorial is very similar.

17 Dec 2015 #setup #commit #gh-pages #hugo #github

Setup a Blog using Hugo on Windows


Today, I created a blog with the Hugo static website generator, an engine very similar to Jekyll. Hugo allows a user to easily setup a secure and customizable blog in a short period of time. It is open source and constantly updated to ensure the latest features and bug fixes. Setting up Hugo is a piece of cake, even on Windows. First, I recommend watch the quickstart guide. It is extremely informative and got me setup in less than ten minutes.

16 Dec 2015 #setup #installation #windows #hugo #github